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Ferratas in the Gressoney's Valley

The ferratas are equipped climbing routes that allow you to reach a lot of points over the valley of Gressoney and the massif of Monte Rosa. In Gressoney our guides can accompany you on two routes:

Ferrata Jose Angster in Gressoney-Saint-Jean
Nice tour to enjoy a great view over the area of Gressoney Saint Jean and Mount Rosa. With variant "children" is an excellent approach to the world of railways.
Access: From the Gover lake trace the path that leads to the base of the cliff.
Elevation gain: "Jose Angster" 270 mt. - "Children" 250 mt.;
Travel time uphill: 2 hours;
Difficulty: "Jose Angster" D, "Of the children" F.

Ferrata children: 60,00 € + 10,00 € per person (max 5).
Ferrata Jose Angster: 70,00 € per person (max 3 pax)

Guides's ferrata in Gressoney-La-Trinité

Route privileged to watch from the village of Trinité and the proximity of the Monte Rosa massif. It has as a strength of a rope bridge suspended about 40 m to 60 m above the ground. The red variants (with the rope bridge) and black are very demanding and suitable for those who already have experience.

Climbing guides to the antenna: 80,00 € per persona
Railroad rails with red variant or black variant: 100,00 € per person

Material Required
Helmet, harness kit with ferrata lanyards including two with fitted sink, hiking boots

Ferrata in Gressoney's Valley