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Spring programs

Our refuge Cittą di Mantova is open during spring time.

We propose you some ski mountaineering ascents that can be done starting from our refuge Cittą di Mantova, which is open in spring and can be easily reached with the ski lift of Punta Indren Cresta Rossa.

You can discover these ski touring destinations which lead to famous 4000m of Monte Rosa accompanied by our alpine guides.

Ski mountaineering in one day
- The first 4000m with the skis: Giordani peak 4046 m
- Pyramide Vincent 4215 m
- Margherita Hut on Gnifetti peak 4554 m
- Zumstein Spitze 4563 m

Our spring tours

- Monterosa tour
- Monterosa tour, Swiss version
- Special Mezzalama


For info and booking:
CRISTINA / IORIS +39 3475898120

Alpine Guide Gressoney Office

loc.Tache (in the square of the town hall, first floor over the tourism office)

Gressoney La Trinitč


Hopening hours: 9-13 14,30-18,30

Closing day: Wednesday

From the 23rd July to the 15th August always open!


Societą delle Guide di Gressoney
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C.F. 81008330078