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Corno Nero, Ludwigshöhe, Zumstein

In the Monte Rosa massif there are many summits over 4000 meters that can be reached through short and technically not complicated itineraries. These summits are therefore appropriated also for those who do not have previous alpinist experience.
These ascents can be done in a day and a half, sleeping in Mantova hut the first day: Corno Nero, Ludwigshöhe, Zumstein. It is possible to organize the ascent of more than a peak per day.

Corno Nero (4321 m): the first part of the itinerary is along the Lys glacier, than a deviation towards East leads to the steep ice and snow slope (50°) of about 50 meters. Arrival to the summit traversing a ridge.
From Mantova hut around 3 hours and a half. Difference in height: 850 m.

Ludwigshöhe (4342 m): from Lys pass traverse of the not steep snowy ridge which brings to the summit.
From Mantova hut around 3 hours. Difference in height: 850 m.

Zumstein (4563 m):
traverse of the whole Lys Glacier till the Lys pass, then slightly down to the Grenz Glacier and up to the slope which brings to the Gnifetti pass, which separates Zumstein peak from Margherita Hut. The route goes North and after a short but airy snowy ridge, some rocks lead to the summit. The view on Monte Rosa East face is spectacular.

From Mantova hut around 5 hours. Difference in height: 1070 m.


Day 1: meeting with the guide in front of the ticket office of the lift in Staffal at 2.30 pm, check of the equipment and ski lift to Punta Indren (3270 m). Departure to Mantova hut (3498 m) that will be reached in around 1 hour walking. Dinner and overnight.
Day 2: departure at dawn for the chosen peak. Arrival at Staffal between 3.30 and4.30 pm approximately.
Difficulty: from F to PD -ascents on glacier and airy ridges. It is not necessary to have alpinist experience, but a good physical condition is required.

Corno Nero: 380 € one person + 40 € every extra person
Maximum number of participants: 4 each Guide.
Ludwigshöhe: 420 € one person + 40 € every extra person
Maximum number of participants: 5 each Guide.
Punta Zumstein: 450 € one person + 40 € every extra person
Maximum number of participants: 4 each Guide.

The rate includes: private guiding fees, rent of axe, crampons and harness.
The rate excludes: ticket of the lifts, half board in the hut for client and guide, beverage and extras in the hut, lunch for the guide and the client.

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